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Find the best place for your online project with cheapvpshosting.info. Only the hottest VPS hosting offers to launch your website in the net within just a few minutes. Find a comprehensive information about our services below and make the right choice!

What is VPS hosting and why do you need it?

To start from the beginning, just a few words about hosting services. Hosting is a set of services, delivered by organizations called hosting providers, aimed at providing customers with an opportunity to rent a server equipment (fully or partly) for a defined period of time. Dependent on the way a client get to rent a server, the following main hosting services are distinguished:

  • shared;
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS);
  • dedicated server.

Cheapvpshosting.info deals with VPS server rental and there is the reason why. We believe that virtual server is a balanced decision both for newcomers and experienced users. You can benefit from:

  • dedicated resources – thanks to virtualization software it feels like using a true physical server, no overselling, no downtimes caused by actions of other users;
  • reasonable pricing – starting a new project with VPS is a reasonable move due to quite low monthly fees. As it’s already mentioned, probably, you won’t even notice the difference between VPS and dedicated server, but you will see the difference paying your bills for sure.

There are few approaches to distinct types of VPS hosting, the most popular one is based on the operational system installed. Searching for virtual server you have probably come across:

  • Windows VPS is praised highly in the first place by users, who are Windows fans;
  • Linux VPS is the most popular nowadays due it’s versatility.

Choose your flavor with Windows or Linux VPS

Let’s take a closer look at the options each type offers. Starting with Windows VPS hosting that is known for the following features:

  • no need to learn some tricks about managing your virtual server, it’s pretty much the same home PC;
  • you can skip installing some sort of control panel as there is a familiar graphical user interface right from the start;
  • using VPS as a remote host for working with files using the remote desktop protocol (RDP). It’s a convenient solution for teams collaborating on some projects;
  • ready runtime environment for running or developing software for Windows OS. Linux VPS hosting also has a great deal to offer:
  • a wide variety of operating systems to choose from. Each OS has some specialization that might suit your particular task best;
  • limited hardware requirements make it possible for hosters to set attractive fees for budget VPS plans;
  • full administrative access via SSH or VNC protocols;
  • choose from a number of available control panels (free or prepaid) to manage your websites with ease.

No matter which type of virtual private server you are looking for, there are some general recommendations on choosing the best hoster for your project.

How to find the best VPS hosting ever?

The juiciest offers are still only promises that have to be fulfilled. The thing that makes any VPS service really worth of the money you pay is a hosting provider behind the scene.

Before rushing for a cheap VPS hosting take some time to look carefully through all the details. It may appear that there are a number of hidden catches making the offer not so fat at all.

Here are some keypoints that are to be considered before making an order:

  • uptime - the higher, the better. Nowadays every provider states that it is higher than 99%. Well, it might be actually not the case. It is a bad thing for any project to get frequently offline as it spoils reputations and influence your search ranking. Moreover, if you got a project that is especially sensitive to inaccessibility, then doing a bit of extra research won’t do you any harm. Ask questions and search for comments, using information sources as specialized forums and blogs is also a good idea;
  • hardware underneath – cheap VPS can get you alone for some time, but on the long run it’s not worth it. Reduced price often comes from the obsolete equipment or virtualization method used by hosting providers. Find out what exactly you are going to get for the price you pay. Vendors and types of CPU, drives, etc. used for VPS nodes are not always explicitly mentioned;
  • locations – latency can get really critical parameter when struggling to win new clients. Make sure that your virtual private server will be located in the nearest data center to your target audience;
  • extra features like cPanel VPS or even DDOS protected VPS hosting is something that you can be interested in. Often, pricing is quite competitive and you can get services tailored for your most primary needs for the same amount of money as an average offer.

Cheapvpshosting.info is a hoster that lets you rent a VPS server with no strings attached! Give it a shot and you won’t be disappointed!